Soul Plan Reading

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Discover your soul mission

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Soul Plan Reading

  • Do you know your unique "mission"?
  • Do you want to verify your "soul goal" for this life?
  • Do you like to confirm what type of career is right for you?
  • Do you want to explore how you can move through blocks?
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At this time many of us are asking themselves some or all of the above questions. Understanding ourselves at a deeper level helps us gain clarity and direction.

Soul Plan Reading is a channelled system of soul direction analysis to better understand our present incarnation and help awaken and activate your latent potential. Individual readings are based upon the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate).

Soul Plan Reading has been derived from the original Numerology of Moses which was channelled by Frank Alper, author of Exploring Atlantis.

Soul Plan Reading is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing of limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns.

Soul plan reading, , karma management, numerology & spiritual counselling in London, Camden, Hampstead & Crouch End

My name is Marianna Trezza, I am a qualified, experienced and insured counsellor and hypnotherapist. I am delighted that you have chosen to visit my website! You have moved into a space to grow, blossom and expand your majesty. You will also find resources here to deeply empower every aspect of your life and will discover ways to find guidance and clarity in your present life. See ABOUT US section if you want to know more about Soul Contract Readings. I look forward to our continued connection either through this website or services I offer (please visit or though a booking of an appointment (see CONTACT US section).

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Hampstead Community Centre, 78 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE
Hampstead Tube - Buses: 46, 168, C11

Spiritual counselling in London, Camden, Hampstead & Crouch End, Soul Plan Reading in Italian, karma & karmic management - numerology, life purpose

Mon - Tue - Wed - Fri: 10AM to Noon and 6PM to 9PM
Sat: 9AM - 5PM

Soul plan reading in Italian, soul plans, emotional blocks, spiritual counselling in London, Camden, Hampstead & Crouch End,

Soul Contract Reading is charged £90 (including preparation).
Hypnotherapy session is charged £90.

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